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For more than 30 years, Filipinos have associated GoodAh!!! with “Pagkaing Good for Every-All.”

The first ever, all-native food chain in the country, GoodAh!!! is famous for introducing the now ubiquitous “Tapsilog” to the Filipino vocabulary. Yes, it was Goodah!!! that first coined the descriptive acronym for dishes like Tapsi, Tosi, Longsi, Adsi and all the “si” foods found in almost every Filipino restaurant today.

GoodAh!!! became a well-known and solidly patronized food chain when it opened in the 80’s. The restaurant served traditional, hot, and quick-served Filipino snacks like Goto, Arrozcaldo, Dinuguan, Pares which people kept coming back for.

The chain has become an icon of Pinoy culture, so popular that it inspired the movie “Goodah!!!” and even coined terms like “Matsala sa yoi”, “Barbie q hahn”, and “What’s your step!”.

GoodAh!!! is the first fast food company that instituted “Open 25 hours” and “7 days a week” food service operations.