Morelli's Gelato

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The Morelli family has been making ice cream for five generations to a trademark recipe which was introduced into the UK in 1907, when Giuseppe Morelli, after emigrating from Italy, started selling it from the back of his bicycle.

From bicycle to van

He and his young son, Mario, left home early in the morning with fresh ice cream and would not come home until they had sold out! Eventually, the bicycle was replaced by a van and the business grew.

The birth of the parlour

The first Morelli’s ice cream parlour in the UK was opened by Mario on the seafront in Broadstairs, Kent in 1932. His son Giuseppe was the first to serve 20 flavours of ice cream following the parlour upgrade and expansion in 1959. This iconic store still proudly serves loyal customers today and represents the very best of the Art Deco parlours from the heyday of British seaside life.

Expanding around the UK

The Morelli business grew locally under Giuseppe and then nationally by his son Marino, until there was a nationwide network of ice cream and coffee bars around the UK. The next generation grew up living, breathing…..and eating ice cream too!

  • Giuseppe Morelli and his Velacreem Van
  • Four generations of the Morelli family
  • A family business
  • Bibi Morelli as child on the seafront in Broadstairs
  • The original parlour in Broadstairs
  • The original parlour in Broadstairs


But Marino Morelli always wanted to open the “best ice cream parlour in the world”. In November 2003, Morelli’s Gelato opened its first concession in the famous food halls of Harrods. This was it!

Global roll-out

Today Morelli’s Gelato is run by Bibi Morelli, and the family moves into its fifth generation in the ice cream business. Morelli’s Gelato is rolling-out globally, effecting a focused expansion by way of franchises with strategic partners.

Proud roots

We like to think that the typical warmth and generosity of Italian hospitality is transmitted to our customers in the service we provide. The most famous ice cream brands in the world are American. We are proud to be Italian and to still run the business privately.

We believe this allows us to retain a personal touch, not only with our team but also in the service we extend to our customers.

Our brand is our name – we care – and have done so for 5 generations!

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